International contest of young designers REMIX - EURASIA 2015

In a solemn ceremony on 18 November 2015 in hotel Korston, the final of young fur designers  Remix-Eurasia 2015 took place. It was organized by the Russian Fur Union together with the Moscow State University of Design and Technology with the support of the International Fur Federation (IFF).

Of the 117 sketches the jury chose 10 finalists who became participants of the contest final.

Among them - two members from Ukraine - Diana Agayan and Letitsia Kovalyova.

The jury consisted of:

1. Sergey Stolbov - Chairman of the Management Board of the Eurasia International Fur Federation region. Chairman of the jury.

2. Catherine Akhuzina - head of the Fashion House "Ekaterina Furs"

3. Galina Khachaturova - Creative Director of Fashion House «Exclusive M"

4. Lada Arzumanova - director of InStyle fashion magazine

5. Svetlana Matjush - designer of the Fashion House "Madame Matjush"

6. Sergey Efremov - the designer of the Fashion House "Sergey Efremov"

7. Svetlana Kruglikova - a representative of the North American auction NAFA.

8. Anastasia Kretova - Representative for Eastern Europe, the auction Sagafurs.

9. Sergei Samoshkin - CEO "Country Skin"

All participants were awarded with special diplomas, the winners received original prizes.


The winners are:

1 place

Letitsia Kovaleva (Ukraine)

Prize for the first place- internship at the design studio NAFA (Canada)

Congratulations, Letitsia!


2nd place

Zubakina Polina (Russia)

 Prize for the second place - a trip to the finals in Milan Remix 2016


3rd place

Ali Koç (Turkey)

Prize for the third place- internship at the design studio Saga (Finland)


Special prize from the competition partner from the company "Land of the skin" went to the designer from Russia Elena Lubin.