Seminar on consolidation customs tariff legislation in the member countries of IFF "Eurasia"

December 12, 2013 in Istanbul, in the conference hall of the hotel CVK Park Bosphorus the seminar on consolidation of customs and tariff legislation in the countries belonging to the branch of IFF «Eurasia» (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkey) was held.

The seminar was attended by representatives of the International Fur Federation (IFF), representatives of IFF «Eurasia», fur and leather heads of associations and companies in Turkey, representatives of Trade and Industry Chamber of Turkish customs and special guests, representatives of the Asian region IFF «Asia».

The main problems of customs and tariff laws and the fur industry in the countries included in the Eurasian region of the IFF were discussed.

President of RFU Sergey Stolbov made a report and presentation on the topic "The motion of fur goods in the territory of the Customs Union." He explained the structure of the Eurasian Economic Commission and the Customs Union. He announced new tariffs for import of fur goods imported into the territory of the Customs Union, which came into force on 1 September 2013, as well as a detailed report on the structure of import of fur products in the territory of the Customs Union in general and Russia in particular. Also the main problems of fur market were voiced:

·         Smuggling furs (import without customs clearance under the guise of other products)

·         widespread underreporting declared customs value of goods

·         counterfeiting illicit application Trademark well-known manufacturers

·         high level of shadow turnover of fur products

·         reducing turnover and control of product quality within the Customs Union

·         lack of uniform standardized requirements for manufacturers and buyers imposed on the range and quality of the fur products

·         income growth in trade of products created by cheaper imitation of expensive furs

·         lack of complete and accurate information about the properties, characteristics, terms of service and recommendations for use and storage of furs.

President of the Ukrainian Association of Furriers Igor Zvarych spoke about the customs and tariff policy of Ukraine, where he stressed that import tariffs are close to the EU countries. Import duties on most kinds of fur raw materials and semi-finished products are missing and there aren’t any products, wherever it exceeded 5%, which means that the legislation is aimed at the development of domestic production.

Turkish side has a high luxury tax in Turkey added to the final cost of fur products because of that it loses in competitiveness. Turkish side was requested to work to repeal the luxury tax regarding fur products. This proposal was welcomed by the representative of the Turkish customs, which agreed that reducing the tax on luxury will make a positive impact on the fur industry in Turkey.

The presentations were also acutely affected by the theme of smuggling and counterfeiting of fur products.

President of Kazakhstan fur trade association Sergey Vedyashev said that through Kazakhstan imports from China get not only to the CU countries, but also to the countries of central Asia (eg Afghanistan, and other), in connection with this brand commissioners took a tough stance to traders to counterfeit goods and to the organizations where trade is conducted in very large quantities. The main task is to regulate trade in these markets, as it is one of the conditions for the country's accession to the WTO.

Chairman of the Board IFF "Asia" Madame Deng Xiaolan spoke about the situation with tariffs in China, the problems of counterfeiting and quality need to be addressed by joint international effort, as there is a demand for cheap goods. For this it is necessary to conduct training seminars on product quality and to develop common quality standards for fur products. She asked RFU to assist in organizing a seminar on fur goods trade on 14-15 January 2014 in Peking.

All participants noted the usefulness and necessity of such activities in the future.

Also a regular meeting of the Board, a branch of IFF "Eurasia" was held. Director Sergey Stolbov presented to board members a report of IFF "Eurasia" for 2013.

Proposals for the formation of a work plan for 2014-2015 were made by the board members.

The next board meeting will be held in June 2014 in Kazakhstan.


International gala show 2013

On Saturday night November16 inMoscow at Jewelry House "Aesthete"  was held the international gala show of author’s fur collections from leading designers of the countries included in the IFF "Eurasia" (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkey).

Gala show was organized by the Russian Fur Union with the support of the IFF-International Fur Federation. This gala show was the first international and large-scale event.

Gala show was attended by over 600 guests, which was a record compared to previous ones. The show was attended by representatives of the Governments of theRussian Federation,Ukraine,TurkeyandKazakhstan, the famous figures of culture, arts, sports, representatives of the fur industry.

More than 150 unique author’s fur garments were demonstrated to the public, which were embodied the most daring design solutions, incorporated the latest fashion tendences and high tailoring skills.

Participants of the show:

Maestro fashion designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev (Moscow)

Fashion designer, winner of the State Prize Irina Krutikova collection "Moment of Truth" (Moscow)

Fashion House "Ekaterina Furs" collection "Urban Romance" (Moscow)

Leon Elite collection "Assorted" (Moscow)

Exclusive-M collection «Plaing beau» (Moscow)

"Old Melkovo" collection "Lady Success" (Moscow)

Fashion house «Kussenkovv» Collection «Colourful Dreams» (St. Petersburg)

«Alexander Petrov» Collection «Gloriosa" (St. Petersburg)

Marina Yaroslavskaya collection "Black Panther" (Ukraine)

Winter Fantasy collection "Moire east" (Kazakhstan)

PUNTO collection «Glamorous week» (Turkey)

Partners of the gala show were:

International Fur Federation (IFF)

Ювелирный Дом «Эстет»

Ettelsoft Group

Ukrainian Fashion Channel

Журнал Дорогое Удовольствие

Салон красоты ALCINA

Basilur tea

Деринг групп

Royal Holding



Russian Fur Union is very grateful to all the participants, partners and guests of the gala show.