Post-release 2013

3rd International specialized fur and fur products exhibition FUR EXPO Ukraine was a Successful Event!

From 26 to 29 September 2013 in Kiev, the III International Exhibition of fur and fur FUR EXPO Ukraine took place with the support of the Ukrainian Association of Furriers and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine.
World famous auction of wild fur FUR HARVESTERS Inc. (Canada) became the official sponsor of the FUR EXPO Ukraine'2013.
The opening ceremony of FUR EXPO Ukraine was attended by:
Igor Zvarych - President of Ukrainian Association of Furriers; Alla Emelyanova - Executive Director of the Ukrainian Association of Furriers, Alexander Dikiy - President of the Ukrainian Association of Fur Breeders; Mark Oaten - General Director of IFTF, International Fur Trade Federation, Steve Solly - director of the Department IFTF; Goran Stojanovic - director of the Department IFTF; Sergey Stolbov - President of Russian fur Union; Maxim Chipurnoy - Russian fur Union ; Diana Akhuzina - Russian fur Union ; Sergey Vedyashev - President of the Kazakhstan fur trade association, Metin Arkan - Chairman KSIAD, Turkish Fur Industrialists and Businessmen Association; Kadir Kilic - KSIAD, Turkish Fur Industrialists and Businessmen Association; Howard Noseworthy - Director of Planning and Development, the auction of wild fur FUR HARVESTERS Inc.; Oksana Moroz - Marketing Director for Eastern Europe, The North American Fur Auctions (NAFA); Alexander Tabenkov - Director of the exhibition FUR EXPO Ukraine.
The right of solemn cutting the ribbon was given to Igor Zvarych and Howard Noseworthy.
After the opening ceremony the official delegation of the International Fur Trade Federation visited the stands of leading Ukrainian companies, got acquainted with the quality of fur and a range of products in the exhibition.
At the exhibition FUR EXPO Ukraine there were presented leading domestic manufacturers of the fur industry, as well as participants from such countries as Russia, Spain, Italy, Canada, Denmark, Turkey, Greece, the Netherlands, and the United States of America.
Four-day event was attended by 79 participants, including leading Ukrainian manufacturers of fur and leather products, famous designers, animal-breeding farms, distributors of famous brands, equipment and supplies for the fur industry.
The exhibition occupied more than 2,200 square meters. Among the visitors there were experts of fur industry in Ukraine, trade organizations and ordinary visitors who were able to appreciate the true beauty of fur. There were also many visitors from abroad. The exhibition was visited by more than 2,500 people, including manufacturers, dealers, designers, representatives of government agencies and the media in the fashion industry.
During the exhibition, the North American Fur Auction NAFA held an exclusive seminar. The seminar was conducted by Bobby Poulios - Vice President of NAFA, Oksana Moroz - regional marketing director, representatives of the Studio Design and Marketing from Italy Maria Antonietta D'Errico and Mauro Campaini, as well as Director of Studio NAFA Lumin Yao.
The workshop brought together a target audience in the conference room and aroused great interest among the audience. Topics of the seminar: Introduction to NAFA and 2014 sales; NAFA Marketing program; Presentation of NAFA Mink and Wild Fur; Trends & Techniques for 2014; Design Concepts; Patterns & Production; Samples: beaver, muskrat, coyote, fisher, red fox, raccoon.
Summing up the results of the exhibition FUR EXPO Ukraine, we can say with certainty that it was successful and fruitful event for everyone. Exhibitors were able to establish new business contacts with Ukrainian companies and foreign representatives, attend the informative seminars, and to our visitors was presented the largest selection of fur and leather garments.
The organizers of the exhibition FUR EXPO Ukraine thank the participants and partners for their support and cooperation and welcome to participation in the IV International Specialized Fur and Fur Products Exhibition FUR EXPO Ukraine'2014 !