More than 90 people - manufacturers, retailers, mink producers, designers and dealers converged in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine on November 23 to learn more about NAFA and the comprehensive collection of ranched mink, fox and wild furs offered under the NAFA brand.

Participants came in from all over Ukraine -Tysmenytsya, Kiev, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk and other centers -to hear Bobby Poulios, VP of Buyer Relations, Oksana Moroz, Marketing Director for Eastern Europe and Svetlana Kruglikova, Russian Marketing Representative, discuss everything NAFA. Topics included: the specific features of North American mink; the variety of North American wild furs; workshops available before NAFA's auctions; NAFA's marketing programs and how to attend a NAFA auction in Toronto.

 A collection of garments - made from NAFA Mink and NAFA Northern wild fur- adorned mannequins brought in to promote the unique designs that can be created by NAFA fur products. Mink pelts and a vast array of wild fur pelts in a variety of colors were also assembled forthe group to encourage them to not only attend our auctions butto also promote our fur and spread the word within the trade about NAFA.

Several dignitaries were in attendance atthe workshop, including the Deputy of the Supreme Council of Ukraine, the Deputy Governor of Ivano- Frankivsk region, Executive Director of Ukrainian Association of Furriers and the President of the Association of Furriers of Tysmenytsya region.

NAFA brochures, calendars, and promotional posters were made available to everyone in attendance.

Participants left the workshop with a greater appreciation of the quality of NAFA's assortment and the abundant choices of fur pelts offered.