Fur advertising


 The European Fur Breeder’s Association (EFBA) and the International Fur Trade Federation (IFTF) welcome clarification by the UK Advertising Standards Authority concerning the GAIA (Global Action in the interest of the Animal) complaint over a recent advertisement published by EFBA in the Parliament magazine.


 The ASA Council decision stated clearly that EFBA does not need to withdraw its advertising from the magazine, which promotes the environmental benefits of wearing fur. Both EFBA and IFTF are pleased that the ASA accepts claims made in the advertisement, by acknowledging the extensive evidence provided by the fur industry to substantiate the claim that fur farming reduced CO2 emissions.    

 The ASA indicated, however, that a technical breach of the guidelines had occurred in relation to the wording ‘eco-friendly’. The ASA felt that use of this terminology was too absolute in nature and should have been more comparative. Both EFBA and the IFTF welcome the clarification on this point, which has been contentious in many areas of marketing across a range of sectors for many years.

 EFBA and IFTF worked closely with the ASA to obtain guidance on this point and are grateful to the organisation for bringing much needed clarity to the matter. This brings a clear and precise basis on which to build future advertising campaigns that illustrate the benefits of wearing this beautiful and natural product.