Election of a new Chief Executive Officer of IFTF and new board.

Following important changes agreed at the Annual General Meeting [AGM] last year, the International Fur Trade Federation [IFTF] is pleased to announce the new Board and new Chairman for the two-year period 2011-2013.

 This year’s AGM, held inHelsinki,Finlandon Wednesday 21 September 2011 noted the election of the IFTF Board under a new regional structure. For the two-year period 2011-2013, the Board now comprises of seven elected members – Betty Balaila and Allen Soifer (North America); Steven Hurwitz and Roberto Scarpella (Europe); Mike He and Thomas Wong (Asia); and Ekaterina Akhuzina (Russia) – plus seven nominated members – Joe Morelli (American Legend Cooperative); Pertti Fallenius (Finnish Fur Sales/SAGA Furs); Torben Nielsen (Kopenhagen Fur); Michael Mengar (North American Fur Auctions); Tage Pedersen (Danish Fur Breeders’ Association); Ulf Enroth (Finnish Fur Breeders’ Association); and Bruce Williams (for North American fur producer associations).

The new Board elected Steven Hurwitz, former Treasurer of the IFTF, as Chairman, replacing Andreas Lenhart. Torben Nielsen has been elected Vice-Chairman, and replacing Stephen Hurwitz as IFTF Treasurer is Bruce Williams. They will all hold office for the 2011-2013 period.

Andreas Lenhart, retiring from his position as IFTF Chairman after 12 years, was recognised for his outstanding contribution to the IFTF by being appointed Honorary President for the period 2011-2013. And, in recognition of their work as chairmen of two important former IFTF committees, Robert Liska and Frank Zilberkweit have also been appointed Honorary Vice-Presidents for 2011-2013.

Mark Oaten, making his first appearance at the AGM as IFTF CEO, expressed his delight at the success of the AGM and support from the Board for his strategy. He said, “I am pleased to have the full backing of the Board for an ambitious two-year strategy which will involve more political campaigning, even stronger fashion promotion and a robust response to misinformation, as well as doing more to demonstrate our welfare and environmental standards.”

Restructuring IFTF, June 2011

CEO Mark Outen
Personal Assistant Samantha Babister
Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer Juliette Bailey
Director of Government Affairs Dominic Moxon-Trisch
Director of fashion marketing and media relations Iona Service
Director of Communications Mike Moser
Director of Standards and Corporate Social Responsibility Rebecca Hildreth
Director of Risk management Steve Salt
Director of the Office in Brussels Fransoise Hossay
Director of the Office in China (Beijing), Sherry Lee
Officer Communication and Research Gorana Stojanovic
Office Manager Nicky Young
The representative of media relations  Kairen Mahmood
Deputy Director (Brussels), Peter Beckett
The officer in China Monica Wong