News of the world fur community.

 Office in Brussels.

In July 2011 the International Federation of the fur trade (IFTF) and the European Association of Breeders (EFBA) opened a joint office in Brussels to lobby the interests of furriers in the official institutions of the European Union. The CEO Mark  Outen and Chief Financial Officer EFBA Frenchman Hossa continue to develop strong working relationship and agreed that joint cooperation - is the best way to promote in Europe. The office has a team of seven employees.
In August, the Brussels office was officialy visited by the President of Ukrainian Association of Furriers I.T. Zvarych, during this meeting  the partied came to an agreement on a visit to Ukraine of D.Moxon-Trish and  M. Moser, and who is coordinator of the OA. This visit was confirmed on October 19-21, 2011, with  the monitoring of Ukraine's accession to the program OA.