NAFA seminar


You are cordially invited to attend a NAFA seminar, during which you will learn many interesting things about North American Fur Auctions (NAFA), Toronto, Canada.

Date: Wednesday, October 5, 2016 at 11am

Place: Conference room, Hotel Nadia

Адреса: Nezalezhnosti St., 40, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

Тел. + 38-0342-72 70 79 •



• Schedule and auction procedure for 2017

• How to attend NAFA’s auction in Toronto

• How to buy via NAFA’s Private Treaty offering

• Workshops in Toronto before sales

• Specific features of North American and European mink

• One of the best offerings of European mink

• Black NAFA – the highest quality mink in the world

• Great variety of Canadian and U.S. wild furs

• NAFA marketing program

• Retail selling skills and techniques

• Answering questions about NAFA furs


During the Workshop you will have a chance to get

acquainted with the samples of North American Mink

and Wild fur, European mink as well as some garments

and hats made of NAFA furs.

Workshop participants will be offered the following

printed materials: NAFA brochures, calendars,

auction guide, posters, etc.



International Forum FUR FUTURES UKRAINE at Kyiv National University of Technology and Design

Kiev National University of Technology and Design is developing all areas of its activity and cooperates with industry and business. April 6, 2016 the University hosted an international forum FUR FUTURES UKRAINE.

The forum was organized by the Ukrainian Association of Furriers under support of the International Fur Federation.

It was opened with welcoming speeches of Rector Professor Ivan Grishchenko and President of the Ukrainian Association of Furriers Igor Zvarych.

Mr Grishchenko said that science and technology - the road to the future. The University has made every effort for training to be practically oriented. One of recent examples of cooperation with fur business is working out the concept of development of the fur industry.

President of the Ukrainian Association of Furriers Igor Zvarych thanked the university for the training of skilled personnel. He welcomed the establishment of the youth branch of the association and decided to allocate scholarships for practical training of students in one of the country's leading fur companies.

Forum moderator, executive director of the Ukrainian Association of Furriers Alla Iemelianova told the participants about FUR FUTURES and how to sign up.

Communications Director of the International Fur Federation Gorana Stojanovic (UK) made presentation about FUR FUTURES. She has also assured that they will do everything to facilitate the preparation of future Ukrainian furriers. In particular, some students can be invited to gain experience abroad.

Forum participants learned a lot on the workshops on the use of modern techniques in fur design and tailoring of fur products, which was conducted by fur designers Rebecca Bradley (UK) and Django Steenbakker (Netherlands). They were followed by Ukrainian fur professionals. General director of Tykafurlux Volodymyr Ivanyshyn invited the students to come for practical training and promised to give support to talented hard working young specialists.

Graduates of the Faculty of Design Diana Agayan and Anzhela Bezroda sincerely thanked the Kiev National University of Technology and Design for the knowledge that helped them build a successful career in cooperation with the Ukrainian Association of Furriers.

Young talented designer, prize winner of the international competition Remix-Eurasia Angela Bezroda showed the author's fur collection to the forum participants.

The forum went on in a friendly atmosphere, there were over 100 participants, 90 people signed up to Fur Futures.

It was decided to continue this activity and have the second forum in the first half of 2017.


photos on (news from 7/04/2016)