Approved branch IFTF "Eurasia"

In Copenhagen, February 1, 2013, the regular general meeting of the International Fur Trade Federation (IFTF) took place. It was attended by more than 60 of its representatives from different countries. Various issues were discussed regarding  the status and development of the world fur industry.

 While discussing the development of a regional structure IFTF the general meeting approved the branch of the IFTF «Eurasia", which includes Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Kazakhstan. The branch office will be located in Moscow at the Russian Fur Union RPMS (streetMinsk,1 F, Building 4, Office 30, tel / fax: 8-499-400-29-81).

 At the general meeting also the applications for accession of the new members to the IFTF were considered. The application of the Kazakhstan fur trade association was considered and supported unanimously by the IFTF member countries. Kazakhstan became the 42nd member of the IFTF.