Remix Contest 2014

International Fur Federation (IFF) March 5, 2014 in Milan, held an international competition for young designers Remix and the first time in 11 years history of the competition was supported by the Italian magazine Vogue. The aim of this competition is to identify and support young talents in fur design, recover an interest to fur as an important fashion trend.

The competition was attended by 44 representatives from around the world, but in the finals there were only 12 designers from the UK, Ukraine, Argentina, Hungary, USA, Finland, the Netherlands, Italy, two finalists from Japan, as well as Spain and Denmark.

The first place was taken by Shohei Ohaschi from Japan.  Mink, raccoon and white  goat fur were used, to produce the desired effect in a product staining technique and tweaks were used. The inspiration for the creation was taken from the masterpieces of Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi, which were discovered during his trip to Spain. As a prize for the first place Shohei received a cash prize and an invitation for an internship at a fashion house Aquilano Rimondi (Italy).

Altynay Osmoeva from the UK, but originally from Kyrgyzstan won the second place. Black mink, felt and emulsion paint were used for this garment. To achieve the effect of gentle overflow, black mink was delicately covered with pink paint with stencil art painting. Altynay draws her inspiration from traditional cultures and crafts from around the world. Her goal is to make fashion comfortable, but avant-gardish that reflect the tradition, craftsmanship and originality. 

Third place was taken by Mijia Zhang from the United States. She presented the product of mink using perforation and inlays techniques. Mia is interested in high-tech features of the robot, the details of which she embodies in her products. Mia likes to make clothes with a sense of humor.

Prize in the rehabilitated old coat (Pimp my coat) received Nikoline Liv Andersen from Denmark, who worked on it together with SAGA FURS. They decided to use a very traditional and strict mink coat, but give it a bold and avant-garde look, created a custom silhouette of a butterfly and use colored foil.

For the first time in the 11-year history of the competition a Ukrainian designer got to the finals. Diana Agayan from Kiev was inspired by Van Gogh "Sunflowers" and produced a wonderful mink jacket.