Fur Fairs 2014

Since 2014 it has been 3 significant fur trade exhibitions: Beijing China Fur and Leather Products Fair, fur exhibition in Hong Kong HKFF, and Italian exhibition in Milan Mifur.

In the period of 14-17 January at theNationalCenterfor conventions in Beijing the International Exhibition China Fur and Leather Products Fair was held. It was attended by about 300 fur companies. For 4 days the exhibition was attended by about 17 800 people. Unfortunately it did not prove out its expectations. The reason for that was the failed bidding on Scandinavian auctions in November and December 2013, where the fur price collapsed and most of the product was withdrawn from the auction. This created an uncertain situation on the fur market and exhibitors did not know at what price to sell or buy a product, decided to postpone the conclusion of agreements after the February auctions where the market situation has to come in a steady state. Also it was not particularly interesting to local consumers , as it is mainly focused on the export of Chinese goods . And the weather played a role in the deterioration of the  market.


From 25 to 28 February2014 inHong Kong took place the Twentieth International exhibition of fur and leather. HKFF is considered to be one of the most important in the fur fashion. This year's exhibition attracted nearly 7,200 buyers from over 30 countries. It should be noted that buyers from the United States have been very active and have increased the volume of its purchases to 30%. It probably is due to the record cold last winter that struck the country. Compared to last year the volume of purchases rose in Asian markets (Japan,Korea). Mr. Everest (Director of the Hong Kong Fur Federation ) said that the market is not active on mink this year, but that the products of the fox, sable and chinchilla have been sold very well.

 Overall, the HKFF received a total of $ 150 million in orders. The share ofRussiahad 30% of the total, which remained the biggest buyer of the year. MainlandChina, Eastern Europe , theUSA,Turkey,JapanandKoreafollowed behind. Prices on fur collections decreased by 25-30 % compared to last year.

 The exhibition proved its importance in the world of fur fashion , where you can see the latest fashions from top designers , meet new technologies in the field of professional processing of fur and leather, and establish business contacts.


From 4 to 7 March2014 in Milan took place the nineteenth International fur and leather exhibition «Mifur», where 14 228 visitors were registered . Compared to the last year exhibition, the number of visitors fell by about 3 % due to the smaller number of buyers fromRussia.

The first positive sign was that the Italian market despite the crisis grew by 1% , for the first 2 years, as there has been positive growth of markets of other countries. Noticeably brightened the, its growth this year was 49 %. Also there were many representatives of companies from Canada, showing the positive state of their domestic market.

The Asian region again showed stable positive dynamics, thus proving that they are an important benchmark for the global fur industry. Their growth :South Korea+ 24%, Hong Kong +5% andChina+ 3%. The market in Japan is mostly stable, but it fell by -2 % compared to last year. New and interesting buyers came from Mongolia.

European markets began to rise again :Franceadded +14 %,Greece+5%,  Spain+ 22% . The opposite situation exists only inGermany, where the market fell by 8%. Russian purchases – 10%. This is because of decline of the currency, warm winter and political situation that has caused uncertainty among buyers.

March4 in Milan the international exhibition of fur and leather MIFUR presented Italian Evening fur gala. Its collection autumn / winter 2014/2015 showed Gianfranco Ferrè Furs; Byte Giuliana Teso; De Carlis; Fabio Gavazzi; Malamatì Marconi; Manoel Cova By Jun; Maurizio Braschi; Pajaro and Rindi. This year's fashion shows fur quite successfully combined a variety of styles and trends, but it is worth noting that the colors of fur is mainly dominated by light colors.

As a result of past exhibitions it can be concluded that the fur is still in fashion, the market has stabilized and came back to normal, as evidenced by 100 % in sales in February fur auctions . More active buyers on the background of favorable climatic conditions in some regions, lower prices for peltry- fur raw materials and finished products. Opening of new markets -Kazakhstan, Mongolia. It's safe to say that the 2014-2015 season began with high spirits and positive prospects in the future, inspired by daring ideas and bold decisions in the global fur fashion and design.


SAGA Furs Auction: A success

The June auction concluded on 13 June 2012 with sellouts of virtually all types of fur on offer. Prices remained relatively stable compared with the March auction. More than 600 buyers from all market areas attended the auction. Hong Kong and China accounted for the majority of the buying, with strong support from Russian and European markets.

The value of the auction sale was EUR 191 million with the average price of blue fox being EUR 129, and the average prices of all other fox types were stable at EUR 129. The average price fetched at the June auction for normal-quality male mink pelts was EUR 70 and for female mink pelts EUR 49.