Fur Excellence in Athens 2012, International Fur Fair, finished with great success, in a critical moment for the Fur Industry due to the high prices in skins. Fur Excellence in Athens 2012, International Fur Fair, held at Expo Athens, between 28-31 of March 2012 continued the success of previous International Fur Exhibitions, displaying the dynamic of the Fur Industry and particularly of this International Exhibition.

 The turnover of the sales and orders placed during the exhibition is up to 30% compared to the last year’s Exhibition. The biggest volume of transactions has taken place in the third and fourth day of the Fur Excellence in Athens 2012. More than 1700 business visitors, increased by 50% compared with those of the Exhibition of 2011 visited the fair. Almost all of them consisted of overseas buyers the majority of whom were from Russia, Ukraine, Siberia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Latvia, etc. 

The latter together with the Koreans, and Chinese visitors consisted the biggest buyers of fur products. In Fur Excellence in Athens 2012, International Fur Fair, participated 53 Greek Companies and 10 companies from Overseas with high fashion products that attracted the interest of the Exhibitors. The Exhibitors expressed their satisfaction for the results of a well-organized event and especially for the large-scale orders placed and for the number of international visitors. Fur Excellence in Athens 2012, International Fur Fair is an important event that wins over markets thanks to an offer focused on quality and creativity.

Various events have taken place during the four days of the Fair. In the first day, the Fur Fashion Show, and the Young Designers Contest, attracted more than 700 attendees. In the glamorous event that is being held as premier highlight of Fur Excellence in Athens 2012, International Fur Fair, 15 companies have presented their creativities and new Fur Fashion Trends. Among the top picks of the event was the Young Designers Contest, under NAFA Sponsorship, were new ideas testing the frontier of fur creativity were presented. On 29 of March, the Greek Party was the major event of the day, 800 attendees had the chance to enjoy and relax under the Greek rhythms and dance. Fur Excellence in Athens 2012, continued in the following days, with the visitors enjoying various unique events that empowered the Fur Fashion trends.

 Fur Excellence in Athens 2012, International Fur Fair attracts companies who are looking forward to reinforce their positions in their current markets.

Some 1,550 exhibitors met the demand coming in particular from markets outside of Europe on the hunt for strong added-value.

The President of the Hellenic Association of Furriers, Mr. Tsiouchadaris, expressed his satisfaction for the success of the fair, which justifies the efforts of the Board, our Staff, and the organizing company ROTTA to hold an International Fur Fair in Athens. Greece, develops an International Fair worthy of its Fur Industry and prospects. An International Fair that showcases the creations of Greek Fur and the position of Greece in the fur trade. The Hellenic Association of Furriers with the support of institutions (HEPO, Region of Western Macedonia, Municipality of Kastoria) and International Auctions Houses (NAFA, American Legend, Kopenhagen Fur, Saga Furs) will continue in order to justify the expectations of those who believed and invested in this effort.

 The next Fair, that will take place, between 28-31 of March 2013 in the most modern Exhibition center of Greece, Metropolitan EXPO, next to Athens International Airport.