Price reversals

Autumn fur auctions inCopenhagen and Helsinki have recently been completed.

Unexpectedly large number of buyers came to September auction in Copenhagen, which resulted in increased demand and rising prices for mink. It was 10 to 30% rise on various items compared to previous auctions.

        Most rise in price mink skins of the following colors had: white - 25%, pearl - 15%, glow - 20%, brown - 20%, mahogany - 30%, black - 10%.

        At the auction in Helsinki very few mink skins were exposed , and mainly fox, blue fox and raccoon were sold. Blue fox went up by 10-15%, and silver fox - 5-10%. On the other furs prices have not changed.

        It is difficult to talk about sustainability on the price reversal. Now one can only conclude that the skins are worth as much as in February this year. Judging by the fur industry experts predictions prices will continue to rise.