Target and objectives

The Ukrainian Association of Furriers set the following targets and objectives:

  • Assistance in development and stabilisation of all Ukrainian businesses in furs;
  • Representing of the interests of Association members in state bodies and authorities;
  • Representation of Ukrainian Association of Furries in international organisations, bodies and institutions;
  • Facilitating legitimate interests and rights of Association members;
  • Rendering assistance in development of fur production and sale of Ukrainian fur goods;
  • Protection and support of national producers' interests of all types of ownership;
  • Coordination in development and application of the national and branch standards, including quality standards, terms of employment and remuneration of labour, qualification of personnel, etc.;
  • Coordination of general plans, projects, researches and developments of the members;
  • Accumulation and processing of branch and other information required by the Association members for executing their legal rights and interests;
  • Development and application of the standards of Association concerning the quality, reliability, safety, qualification ranges;
  • Rendering assistance to Association members in promoting their goods to new markets;
  • Acceptance of the Competitorship Code of the Association members aimed at establishment of the civilised norms and rules of production operation, processing, trade and fur production distribution etc.; Organisation of seminars, conferences and other actions;
  • Participation in legislative processes, including development and submitting the projects of standards, regulations, laws to corresponding state authorities and institutions;
  • Cooperation with national and international associations, federations of fur business.

The Association of Furriers renders assistance in setting up business relations, offers recommendations in fur business, its range of goods, quality control, participation in raw materials auctions, quality processing of raw materials, gives general information on fur business, on raw material prices, prices for finished goods, organizes wholesale trade of finished goods of the best home producers and other companies if requested by buyers and renders full information about the best fur enterprises.


International activities of the Association.

January 30, 2000 Ukrainian Association of Furriers was a member of the International Federation of the fur trade (IFTF), which was founded in 1949 and brings together 42 national associations from 35 countries of the world to defend the interests of the fur business, promote innovation and high standards of international level.
All the time  IFTF  holds the Ukrainian association of furriers in the course of recent world events related to the breeding of fur animals and fur industry, and provides information about the new production of fur products, new technologies, processing and dyeing of fur and new trends of fashion furs.

Ukraine has 4 authorized representative, who annually take part in meetings of the IFTF, where important issues and problems of the fur trade and fur business in general  are discussed and resolved at the international level.
For the period 2011-2013 representatives from Ukraine is Igor Zvarych  - President of Ukrainian Association of Furriers, MP, V and VI convocation;Yemelyanova Alla - Executive Director of the Association, Viktor Antonenko - Director of fur factory "ANT" (Cherkassy), Gorelik Efron -director of the company "MEXA - LUX" (Kharkov).
Attending these events provides an opportunity not only to effectively grow their business, to introduce modern technologies in production and processing of fur dressing, but also keep abreast of new trends in the fashion industry.